NELLED IT: A Prescription For Laughter

NELLED IT: A Prescription For Laughter is a collection of short humorous and/or heartfelt stories based on the author's life. Touching on experiences in the nursing field, at church, with family, and chance encounters in public, this book is a fun and charming collection of moments to remind readers to always find a way to laugh. 

A Visionary's Walk 

A Visionary's Walk is a collection of visions and dreams, revealed by God, to expose the enemy's tactics in today's society when dealing with spiritual warfare, singleness, life decisions, and struggles. Struggles that often sidetrack Christians from continuing their walk of destiny. 

What My Heart Longs To Say

What My Heart Longs To Say is a collection of short essays and poetry that unveils hidden issues of the heart. It is not a book of love stories, but instead exposes the tragedy of not allowing oneself to be healed from past hurts, disappointments, and brokenness. This book offers encouragement and empowerment as you begin to release the bondage of unforgiveness and resentfulness. It celebrates the power of new love and the freedom that is released into one's spirit.