About Me

Who is LaNelle Tate?

LaNelle Tate has worked as a nurse for over 40 years and is currently working in a position that allows her to serve and care for those who have served others. She began working in ministry at a young age and has since served in many capacities, such as:

Through all of her accomplishments, joys and pleasures her greatest love is enjoying her family and being an aunt, great aunt, and godmother to many.

Creative Passions 

With three books under her name and numerous plays that she has written, directed, and produced - LaNelle walks within her creative passion.

Divine Motivation   

LaNelle has hosted open forums, organized state-wide youth rallies, and spoken at conferences designed to educate and motivate those in attendance.  

Gifted Connections

Gifted with the unique ability of storytelling with humor, lightheartedness, and sincerity - LaNelle has been known to capture audiences! 

Spiritual Business

Created in memory of her beloved mother, LaNelle is the owner, designer, and prayer warrior behind Mother T's Prayer Pillows. The small business works to provide custom designed pillows dedicated to use during prayer time with God. 

LaNelle continues to use her gifts, talents, and love for the community to pour into audiences of all ages across various topics.